Sizzling Summer Looks!

Sizzling Summer Looks!

Summer time is an amazing opportunity to showcase your fun and flirty side with these hair styles. Head to the beach or dance it up in the evening. My Hair Flow curated some of the best looks for this summer! 

Summer may not be technically here for a few more days, but the weather is.

This means pool parties, beach picnics, and, yes, debating whether or not to wear our favorite wigs.

On the one hand, wearing a wig in the summer may be a lot of fun. Synthetic and heat-friendly synthetic designs come pre-styled and maintain their appearance even when things get sticky.

Wearing a wig in August, on the other hand, might seem like putting on a ski helmet in the desert: doable for some, unpleasant for others.

It might feel like wearing a wig in the summer isn't an option, especially for women undergoing chemotherapy and needing to keep cool.


1. Fun, Flirty Curls

There is nothing that says sexy more than soft curls framing your face. They are striking and certainly makes you stand out in a great way. Check out these wigs to create a similar style!

14" human hair front lace Brazillian virgin hair
16" human hair front lace Brazillian hair 
16" synthetic fiber curly hair
10" synthetic fiber curly hair

 2. Soft, Sensual Waves

When you are ready for a sophisticated night out on the town or enjoying a date, embrace this elegant look with soft waves. Feel the magic and confidence that this lovely style brings. Create the look with these wigs from our collection!

16" human hair full lace glueless wig Indian Remy hair
18" human hair front lace Brazillian hair
14" human hair non lace wig Indain Remy hair
16" synthetic fiber wavy hair


 3. Simple, Chic and Straight 

Everyone loves easy, breezy hair. This straight above the shoulder cut is perfect for the summer. Not only is it simple, it looks effortlessly chic. Achieve this look with these wigs by cutting and shaping the hair!

10" human hair glueless full lace Indian Remy hair color 1
10" human hair glueless full lace Indian Remy hair color 3
12" human hair non lace Indian Remy hair color 1B
12" human hair non lace Indian Remy hair color 4
16" human hair non lace Indian Remy hair color 1B and 130
10" synthetic fiber straight hair 

Human hair wigs may appear more natural than synthetic wigs, but that natural appearance comes at a cost. And no, we're not talking about money here.

Staying comfortable in your wig in the summer is all about having as little weight on your head as possible, and real hair wigs are much, much heavier than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs are comprised of a lightweight material that is twice as light as real hair wigs. If you want to keep cool, use a synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic wig.

We have some bad news for those of you who have always worn human hair wigs and feel like you can't possibly consider anything else since real hair wigs look SO much better than synthetic wigs: humidity and perspiration come for us all.

And if your real hair wig becomes sweaty or frizzy, the style will fall out, and you'll be kicking yourself for not wearing a synthetic wig with style memory. Want to look nice while staying cool this summer? Put on a synthetic wig.



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