8 Fun Ways To Wear Braids!

8 Fun Ways To Wear Braids!

Hair braids are one of the most popular, striking and functional hairstyles out there. Not only is it it easy to wear, you can design it in so many intricate and simple ways. You can braid your own natural hair or use hair extensions and lace wigs to create many designs. There are styles that are elegant, chic, casual and can be worn to all types of occasions.  You will definitely turn heads and stand out in the crowd with these designs!

Remember that you do not have to be a professional to create hair braids.  Practice makes perfect. Here are 8 fabulous and chic hairstyles to inspire you to express your own unique style! 

Keeping your hair in braids lessens friction between your hair and the pillow, which in turn prevents hair breakage. Upgrade to silk pillowcases for even less friction! It also keeps your hair tamed and more structured, which results in less snarls and aggravating knots when you wake up in the morning.

1. Silver Gray Box Braids

This silver fox look can be paired with an elegant or casual wardrobe.  It is a neat and visually striking style. The hair will sway beautifully as you walk into any room.

2. Framing Colored Braid


Taking a single braid and changing the color creates a beautiful way to frame your face and draw attention to your features.

During our childhood, most of us braided our hair before heading to school. Remember? Our mothers no longer trail after us to tie our hair into braids, but did you know there are some fantastic benefits to braiding your hair? None of us have the time to take care of our hair the way our moms and grandmothers did when we were kids. It's time to relive those days. Restart braiding your hair.

Braiding aids in the treatment of hair issues such as hair loss. Here are some more advantages of braiding your hair that you should be aware of:

3. Short Bob Braids

Short Braids

Nothing is more simple, lovely and chic than this short shoulder length bob braid. 

4. Multi Colored Box Braids

Multi colored Braids

Channel your inner artist and express it outwardly with these colorful box braids. They are fun, playful, joyful and will liven up any atmosphere you are in!

5. Theme Braids

Box Braids

Use your imagination and bring out the festive mood with your braids. You can use different colors to match any holiday whether it is the Fourth of July, Christmas, or Valentine's Day! 

6. Colored Cornrow Braids

Colored Braids

This simple cornrow design will spice up any look.  It is beautiful and makes a bold statement.

7. Classic Braids

Boxed Braids

This classic long braid style is always a good choice. There is a timelessness to it and it is eternally chic and sexy. You will no doubt feel confident and powerful swaying about with this look.

8. Accessorized Braids


One of the most fun things to do is putting decorations in your hair! There are so many types of delicate, bold, and pretty accessories available. Use your creativity and the possibilities are simply endless!

Here are a few pointers to remember before braiding your hair:

If you've washed your hair, make sure to let it air dry before braiding it.
When you tie your hair in a braid, use an elastic band to keep it in place. Make sure it's not too tight, though, as this might cause hair breakage.
To avoid breakage, those with dry and frizzy hair could spray some serum on their hair before braiding it. Avoid tying your braid too tightly, since this might cause hair damage. 

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