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Cordless Head Massager

Cordless Head Massager

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✅  Because of the food-grade silicone, it softly thouches your scalp releasing all tension while providing targeted relief in your head and neck.

✅  Whether you like it soft or hard, you can customize the level and intensity to your desire

✅ It's like 16 fingers kneading and massaging your scalp at home or in the office to promote blood flow an relive tension to your head.

✅  waterproof: use it in the bathtub or while taking a shower.

✅  Quiet and low power consumption, which means you can use it anywhere without disturbing others.

✅ Comes with a charging base and it will automatically shut off after fully charged in case of overcharge.


28 individual nodes and 3D Deep-Kneading- perfectly fit the scalp, hand-simulation, and fully massage head. Increase blood circulation to the scalp, boosting hair growth, promoting relaxation, releasing stress, and relieving sores.The Powerful 3D Kneading Massage nodes- can relax and relieve pains on your back, neck, shoulder, waist, tights, calves, foot, legs, and arms. It helps you release stress, relieve sore and tight muscles and get relief on your whole body.Waterproof & 4 Modes-Dry and wet dual-purpose, IPX7 grade waterproof, you can enjoy comfortable scalp massage while bathing, relaxing thoroughly with 4-modes tension like a physical therapist.Cordless and Rechargeable-One button operation, easy to use. Enjoy a perfect massage anywhere without an annoying wire, get a full charge one time and you will enjoy a two-hour massage. Relieve tension from your office, home, or even your car.Patented Hand-Simulation & Safety Protection- This Head Massager is custom-designed, a total of 28 contractors perfectly fit the scalp, and deep and fully massage the head, shoulders, neck, and other body parts. Great ideal gift for men, women, parents, and friends. 

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Q: Does it tangle hair when used on a head full of hair?

A: Our cordless wireless head and scalp massager has 4 rotating silicons heads with 28 knods which make it impossible to tangle, it lets the hair flow through.

Q: Does it work on bald heads?

A: The silicons heads are like soft cusions that not just relieve tension but also promote hair growth as proven by massaging the scalp.

Q: Is it safe to use it on my kids?

A: Kids love the head massager as it tingles and massages the head at the same time.

Q: How long does the battery last on a full charged device?

A: You can charge the device for 1-2 hrs and it last up to 4 hrs working time.

Q: Can I take it with me in the shower?

A: This product is waterproff. It specially feels good when you shampoo your head with the wirelss head massager.

Why do we use the head massager?

  • Promotes a Calm and Uplifted Mood. ...
  • Promotes Hair Growth.  
  • Reduces Muscle Tension. 
  • Improves the Nervous System. 
  • Improves Sleep
  • Increases the body's natural healing ability
  • Does not tangle hair
  • Dry massage and Scratch
  • Wet massage and Clean


A head therapy spa at home

Get a massager right in the comfort of your own home. Just close your eyes and feel the stress and tension leave your head and scalp. It will help stimulate your scalp facilitating hair growth—the perfect device for anyone who enjoys a nice rejuvenating massage anytime anywhere.

At work

Waterproof - Rechargeable Scalp and Head Massager – Body Massager

The smart massager provides gentle vibrations to the scalp which helps in increasing the blood flow rate through the head aiding in the growth of hairs and strengthening the hairs. If you want to grow your hair and get rid of shredding, this ultimate massager is the best solution.

Or in the shower

Waterproof - Rechargeable Scalp and Head Massager – Body Massager



3D Waterproof Electronic Head Massager – Krafty Bear


  1. All it takes to clean your Scalp massager is to remove each of the massager's heads.
  2. Clean them and put them back in and you’re set! 




  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Product size: 130*110*150MM
  • Net weight/Gross weight: 409g/580g


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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Macejkovic


Valentine Rowe


Raoul Casper

Cool thing? I do not know if it helps or not, but the feeling is pleasant.

Hettie Haley

Everything was great - just like mentioned on the item description. Arrived even almost 3 weeks earlier. We are very happy with this purchase :-)

Weldon Harvey

Thank you