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Detangler Hair Brush

Detangler Hair Brush

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Q: Do I need to worry about the hair brush tearing my hair ?

A: No more tearing and tugging feeling with a typical hairbrush!

Because it softly touches your scalp with frequent usage, your hair follicles will be revitalized, resulting in stronger hair.

Q: Does it help on fine, tangled hair?

A: It can be used on fine as well as course hair that tangles. Use it and see the difference with other brushes.

Q: Does it work on all types of hair?

A: Our detangler hairbrush is designed for all hair types. Specifically designed to preserve each hair from breaking, it can be used on thin and thick hair that tangles a lot or to get rid of those horrible long locks that won't go away. 

Q: Is it good for my hair and scalp?

A: Because it softly touches your scalp with frequent usage, your hair follicles will be revitalized, resulting in stronger hair.

Why We Love It

Because it softly touches your scalp with frequent usage, your hair follicles will be revitalized, resulting in stronger hair.

This hairbrush removes the need for additional products such as oil or detangler spray, letting you to save both money and time.

If you think about your family's hair regimen again...

Can you think of how much time you spend attempting to quietly change those knots into smooth and shiny hair without causing World War Three?

I'm sure it's quite a bit...

And I’m sure you don’t have all the time in the world when you’re rushing through your day.

With fewer passes, our brush detangles more knots in a minute.

The best part is that it is particularly intended to work with wet or dry hair, actually detangling each fiber without causing and harm to your roots.

It works like a charm.

This brush has a one-of-a-kind hyper detangler technology that smoothens, detangles, and strengthens each hair.

Stop causing damage to your hair by using abrasive brushes.

A sometimes overlooked reality is that using harsh and low-quality hair brushes for an extended period of time will raise the likelihood of irreversible hair loss.

Yes, it is correct.

When you continuously pull and strain your hair with low-quality or outdated brushes, your follicles might get inflamed, resulting in hair loss.

Dandruff, broken split ends, and irreversible hair loss as a result of forceful ripping and pulling

This, of course, is not only harmful to the health of the hair, which is the worst case scenario, but...

This is the cause of the absence of luminance, brightness, and loudness.

Shipping & Return

FREE Shipping and handling within 24 hrs. If for some reason you don't like this product, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days.

You can also track your order on our website after you've placed it.

Brush Reinvented 

Untangle Your Hair the Right Way


 Check out how to untangle your hair in this short blog post.

Ever had a hairbrush that made your hair softer and smoother?


Get the best hairbrush for taming those pesky knots! This industry-leading Anti Klit Hairbrush will remove all tangles in seconds and make combing your hair a breeze.

This anti-kit hairbrush is perfect for detangling the most persistent hair tangle. 


325 two-tiered teeth that flex over tangles and knots, resulting in less breakage. Ideal for use in the shower, it can also be used to evenly distribute shampoo and conditioning treatments through the hair. 




The design makes it very easy to clean ✅
Soft & arched design makes it easier to hold ✅
Massage the scalp, and promote hair growth ✅
Anti-slip rubber for a better grip ✅


This is a hairbrush that's actually good for your hair. 

Brushing and detangling your hair regularly is also necessary to keep your hair healthy and safe from the environment.


Our detangler hairbrush is a foolproof solution for any hair type. It tackles those frustrating knots and detangles them easily while keeping the roots strong.


Detangle any type of hair knotted or twisted, wet or dry. Our brush ensures velvety, polished, and frizz-free hair.


Smooth out the roughness and make brushing a breeze. With 325 two-tiered teeth that flex over tangles and knots, this brush will cause little to no breakage.


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Customer Reviews

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Ike Lindgren

It matches the description. Very soft brush

Jamaal Mertz

I had a doubt, but in the end, very good brush, as much for smooth hair, as Curly for my daughter of 4 years, finished screaming and crying, received very quickly, a can ready 10 days

Lucile McClure

Detangler Hair Brush

Cassandre D'Amore

Long waited on the delivery but the brush is there can self your name on put Combs also very fine

Hilma Wyman

Omme decrit
As decrit very good. Comb. I recommend. Jen achete still 2 Other