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Hair Straightener Brush

Hair Straightener Brush

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1. Press and hold the switch for more than three seconds to turn on

2. Wait 1-3 minutes 180°-200°

3. Press the (+/-) button to adjust up and down every 5°

4. Long press the power button twice to cool down slowly

5. The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily according to your hair quality

Product details

Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)

Temperature Controller: Digital

Power Source: Electric

Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360° Rotatable

Power: 25W-39W

Optimal styling time: 3-5 min. 

Min. temperature: 80 °C

Max. temperature: 230°C

Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic

Feature 4: Negative Ion Hair Straightening

Feature 3: LCD 31 levels temperature adjusted

Feature 2: with LCD display 

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Q: Do I need to use the product with caution to avoid scalding? Will it continue to heat up?

A: Our straightener brush uses a double-layer anti-scalding design and auto-off features. It has a built-in temperature lock, a heat-resistant protective plate, and anti-scald comb teeth. If the straightener isn't used for 20 minutes, it will automatically shut off, allowing you to straighten your hair without worrying about safety.

Q: Does it help on fine, tangled hair?

A: You can select the temperature mode that best suits the texture of your hair (M: Suitable for normal and frizzy hair. ), which will help you straighten your hair without frizz and keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Q: Does it work on all types of hair?

A: The hair straightening brush from myhairflow has three temperature settings (L: Suitable for soft and damaged hair. M: Suitable for hair that is normal or frizzy. H: Suitable for naturally curly and coarse hair.) You could select the temperature mode that works best for the texture of your hair.

 Professional grade for home or salon 

Combining a straightening comb and an iron, the Hair Straightener Brush is a two-in-one hair styling product that can help you get a very straight hairdo in just one pass. Once you try it, you'll see how simple and effective hair styling can be. 

Now you can straighten your hair just by brushing it as easily as your would with a regular brush. Just plug it in and voila, within a few minutes you have perfectly straight and manageable hair. No more Frizzy hair. 


 Hair straightener brush tips: Before using, switch to the H-gear and preheat for 3 minutes at 180°C (the best style temperature). You only need to comb your hair from top to bottom a few times to achieve smooth, straight hair.

 A brush for an ionic hair straightener that is anti-static: With ceramic even heat technology and negative ion generators, a hair straightening brush can heat up rapidly, distribute heat uniformly, cover more hair in one pass, and make it smooth and shining. It can also help you achieve straight, frizz-free hair and maintain healthy, lustrous hair.

 Three temperature control modes: L: Suitable for soft and damaged hair. M: Suitable for hair that is normal or frizzy. H: Suitable for coarse and naturally curly hair; use a hair straightening brush to quickly and simply transform curly hair into straight hair; select the temperature setting that best suits the texture of your hair.

 Double-layer anti-scalding design and auto-off: To safeguard you and your family, our straightener brush has a heat-resistant protecting plate and anti-scald comb teeth with a built-in temperature lock. If the straightener is not used for 20 minutes, it will automatically shut off.

 Straight Silky Smooth hair in 5 minutes






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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tomas Ferry

Heats up fast but difficulty with short hair for sweeping and to make the curls better for long hair and the bottom each time the handle is turned on you have to be careful because you press the buttons.

Cecelia Jacobs

Connected it seems to work, and how much I will effectively subscribe later

Marcos McClure

Very good his temperature is acceptable to me their hair curly light almost reached 200

Kathryne Armstrong

Very good I buy two of 30 and 40 euros and they are the same the truth is that it is very good advisable

Juwan Blanda

Product conforms to the description of the seller. Good product but a little time to heat and sometimes everything is perfect.